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Air Conditioning Repair From Comfort Services

Having a reliable and well performing AC system is incredibly important for your home or business, especially here in Hidalgo County, TX. At Comfort Services we’ve been helping residents here in Hidalgo County with their cooling and heating needs for years, and if you need prompt professional service we should be your number one call.

Our technicians have the factory trained experience to handle all repairs, maintenance and installations for any manufacturer. For new installations or replacements we feature Ruud for ducted HVAC system, and Samsung and Daikin for ductless mini split systems.

If your home’s or businesses AC unit is on the fritz, has stopped working entirely, or if you’d like to schedule routine maintenance get in touch with us today!

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You May Be Able To Repair At Home!

During the height of summer here in McAllen, we get a lot of calls for AC repair. This is the time of year when your units are running at full capacity, and sometimes unfortunately this is when systems break down and need repairs. No need to stress! You may be able to get your unit back online by yourself, at home. Of course, we’re always able to come out to repair if your system needs further assistance. These are some things you might check:

  • Check your System Power

    • Check your circuit breaker panel to make sure your cooling system breaker is on.
    • Check the AC system switch, to make sure this is on (usually it’s a toggle switch with a red cover plate in your indoor mechanical space).
    • Inspect the contactor for burn marks or signs of ware
    • Next, check the outdoor unit disconnect, which is usually a box on the wall near the AC outdoor unit - make sure this is on.
  • Thermostat Settings:

    • If your thermostat has batteries, change them and restart the system.
    • Make sure the thermostat is set to ON and COOL, and additionally that the desired set temperature is lower than the current temperature inside.
  • Indoor Airflow Issues:

    • Is your indoor AC coil or refrigerant lines iced up, or covered with heavy frost? If so you likely have inadequate airflow.
    • Is the indoor air handler filter clean? If not, change the filter and restart the system.
    • Also, check your duct system inlets and outlets, if they have obstructions or more than a few are closed, open them and clear away the obstructions to ensure adequate airflow.
    • If your coil is iced up, run your system of “Blower Only” for a while to accelerate de-icing of your indoor coil.
  • Additional Issues

    • If your thermostat or the AC system power was off, give it a few minutes after restarting your systems - many AC systems have a time-delay function on start-up.
    • If the system was blowing cool air, but not cooling as well as you know it should be, then you should check the outdoor unit to make sure nothing is blocking the airflow through the outdoor coil. Please be careful not to damage the fines on your outdoor coil, and feel free to call us if you need help!

If these steps don’t correct your AC’s malfunction then please call us right away to schedule a visit from one of our professional technicians.

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We provide financing options for your service, installation or repair!

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Fast, Efficient Residential and Commercial AC Repair

Many AC problems are caused by improper installations or lack of proper maintenance. Some of the most common AC repair problems you’ll need our professional help with include:

  • Delayed Maintenance Issues:

    • Unclean AC filters, obstructed indoor coils, or obstructed grills or registers : the indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with a layer of frost or ice.
    • Dirty or clogged outdoor coils, leading to low system capacity and improper cooling.

    Age Related System Failures:

    • Tripped Breakers : Your breaker to the outdoor AC unit has tripped multiple times, which usually indicates bad wiring or potential compressor, fan motor or capacitor issues.

    Installation Problems:

    • Wrong equipment sizing: Your rooms are either too hot or too cold, the system is short cycling without proper dehumidification.
    • Bad ductwork: If duct systems are not properly sized, are leaky, or improperly insulated, areas can be overcooled leaving the rest of the rooms too hot.
    • Condensate problems: Water accumulating below your air handler, or accumulating below improperly insulated ductwork.
    • Refrigerant Leaks: Air conditioning is not turning on or not cooling at all.
    • Thermostat not working properly: Improper programming or wiring problems.

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You don’t need to be stressed about your current AC repair problem, with our technician’s help we’ll have your AC system back up and running in no time. We’ll come out to your home or business and do a thorough evaluation of your AC system and give you an accurate job estimate, and with your approval, move on with the work. Call today for prompt service!

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About Us

We pride ourselves on being the premier cooling and heating HVAC service provider in the MCAllen, TX area. We’ve been helping residents and businesses owners here in the Rio Grande Valley since 1984. We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers, and 100% satisfaction is our goal.

  • Family owned and operated.
  • Decades of experience.
  • All of our AC technicians are EPA Certified for safe handling of refrigerants.
  • Wide range of products from Ruud, American Standard, Daikin, and Samsung.
  • Professional residential and commercial services offered.
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